my nose chilled,
the frigid hardwood cracks,
my breath freezes,
as I sigh
and recall
the repetitive fashion
of life’s work
being fueled
on the electricity
of the dreams
that may happen


By Jennifer A. Fifield

9 thoughts on “electricity

      • Thank you too! I’m delighted to have found your work. It has a unique edge to it. Happy new year.

      • I self-published two books on Amazon… And am currently submitting a manuscript for a novel to get published… Crossing my fingers for good luck in 2016… And you?

      • I wish you every luck with that! How would you describe the genre? No, I’m not published and have never made much effort in that direction. We’ll see…!

      • Thank you!! My new project is fiction. I think it will appeal to females, mostly. I would LOVE to find a home for it this year. Meanwhile, I do enjoy writing poetry. As do you! I’ll be watching your work this year 😊

      • Oh, I really hope you do find a home for it as well as continue to write so beautifully on WordPress. Best wishes, K

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