Reminisce, For Nick

photo-1427501482951-3da9b725be23I have never
truly “liked” Facebook,
I have always hoped
that the whole thing
would go under,
one day
but it has not

one of my old coworkers
wanted me to “like”
her new company,
so I “liked” it

I saw that it was an old
boyfriend’s birthday,
I clicked on his page to
wish him well,
but the posts were strange

-they seemed, past tense-

I read on,
to find,
that he had passed away
in January

He moved north
after high school, so
we were not in touch
as much, nor
had he talked to any
of my “friends”

News like this
is troubling,
this is how
are made now:

It is peculiar to think,
that when people pass,
some may
receive a phone call,
while others gaze
at a Facebook photo
and reminisce


about how
they snuck out
of the house
on Sunday nights
to go to parties
and guzzle Keystone

or park the car
in the dusty desert,
beneath a bright moon,
and everlasting stars
and make me wonder
why I felt like that

-why I was trembling-

when I read
the news
about you,


By Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Unsplash


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