(D) Deep Image Poetry

Poets such as James Wright and Robert Bly published deep image poetry in the 1960s, which focused on images of the natural world. This type of writing allowed the reader to visualize experiences through expressive illustration, creating a connection between the spiritual and physical realms. Deep image poetry is considered by some as the roots of poetry.

Here is “Come With Me”, a deep image poem by Robert Bly:

Come with me into those things that have felt this despair for so long—
Those removed Chevrolet wheels that howl with a terrible loneliness,
Lying on their backs in the cindery dirt, like men drunk, and naked,
Staggering off down a hill to drown at last in a pond;
Shredded inner tubes abandoned on the shoulders of thruways,
Black and collapsed souls, who tried and burst
And were left behind,
And those curled steel shavings scattered about on oily benches,
Sometimes still warm, gritty when we hold them,
Who have given up, and blame everything on the government,
And those roads in South Dakota that feel around in the darkness…

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