To Close The Book

c1b3b9b0She let the phone ring and ring. No answer.

She sent text after text. No response.

As the waves crashed nearby, she fought the tears, the heartbreak, and the stress of her confusion.

He was pretending they had never happened.

And she needed to close the book.

So she did.


Written by Jennifer Fifield

Image by Unsplash


12 thoughts on “To Close The Book

  1. Wow! Jennifer, this was so elegant yet simply stated as You took us through the reality of the situation with descriptive images created by Your words!! We felt the feelings and the hurt! You moved me! Being on the receiving end of silence almost hurts more than angry words, doesn’t it? It’s the ultimate “I don’t care enough about You to answer”. Sometimes silence is the final unspoken message that hurts the most!!

    Your last line was the very best – “So I did”. Easy to take that in several ways but I liked the thought of being strong enough, and wise enough to move on!! Don’t chase the Storm!!
    Bravo, Bravo!!!

    Thanks for coming to visit my site! Always great to meet new friends!! Hope to see You again!

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