photo-1415931633537-351070d20b81her hand on his knee;
meaningless messages
in his phone

the secrets, the questions, the lies

bestow enough fear
to avoid new, and
adoring glances

an untrusting heart
unable to identify

By Jennifer Fifield
Image by Unsplash


imperfectly concealed

photo-1446071103084-c257b5f70672hours, days, go by
and with me they remain:
angelic face, dulcet tones,
the charming curves
of their smile,
the sparkle in their eyes

this knowing gaze
reminds me
with pleasure
and with pain

this sweet grin
that applies a question
to it all; how
could they know?

the longing must
it must be crystal;
imperfectly concealed

By Jennifer Fifield
Image by Unsplash