Au Revoir: A Tiny Fiction Series

photo-1414637104192-f9ab9a0ee249Au Revoir: A Tiny Fiction Series

Posted on March 5, 2017

The Writing Life blog series Au Revoir will feature small fictional stories of goodbyes, and of dreams anew. Run away with me ♥



Old Typewriter With Books Retro Colors On The Desk


Posted on March 5, 2017

She backed out of the front door of her apartment with her puffy purple suitcase in tow and saw him for the first time in months.

“Where are you headed?” he asked.

“To Hay-on-Wye in Wales for a couple months. I want to be inspired by all of the books,” she replied.


photo-1429032021766-c6a53949594fPermanent Fixture

Posted on March 28, 2017

“What will you do? Won’t you be bored?” Miles asked.

“What WON’T I do is more like it,” replied Maya.

For years, Maya had been dreaming of writing-filled days, with reading and peaceful ocean walks peppered into her week. She had stumbled upon all the ingredients of a fulfilled life, and her bright smile had become a permanent fixture on her face.


Af0sF2OS5S5gatqrKzVP_SilhoutteSomething Beautiful

Posted on April 22, 2017

She woke up to the melodic sound of birds, and a peacefulness in her mind. With arms stretched high, she screeched a yawn and dangled her feet from the bed. Her only agenda for the day was to write something beautiful. What lovely world would she visit today?


photo-1445964047600-cdbdb873673dthe view, the feel, the moment

Posted on May 2, 2017

“I’ve been here,” I whispered.

“You’ve been here? When?” he asked.

“In my dreams. I’ve been dreaming of this place for years. I never knew where or what it was,” I said.

I slowly absorbed each detail. How surreal to be somewhere for the first time, and the fiftieth time. The view, the feel, the moment – they were all the same as every dream I had ever had. And it was him, this wonderful person standing next to me, who had brought me.


c1b3b9b0To Close The Book

Posted on May 27, 2017

She let the phone ring and ring. No answer.

She sent text after text. No response.

As the waves crashed nearby, she fought the tears, the heartbreak, and the stress of her confusion.

He was pretending they had never happened.

And she needed to close the book.

So she did.