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Jennifer_Fifield Cover 600x900-2LOVE LOVE, HATE LOVE

The poetry collection Love Love, Hate Love from Jennifer A. Fifield celebrates the many stages of love: dreaming of love, being in love, and wishing you had never fallen. You will find beautiful beginnings, as well as heart-breaking endings in Love Love, Hate Love, available on Amazon.

The poem, Perpetual, from Love Love, Hate Love:

Love’s ebb and flow-

Words of great charm
promises of closeness
into thy heart, eyes, blood,
and soul

Dreams of devotion
wishes of intimacy
from thy heart, eyes, blood,
and soul

Promises of fulfillment
trust of love eternal
thrives no longer
of thy heart, eyes, blood,
and soul

-Love’s ebb and flow

Book cover art by Shayla Mist from


A Gentle Breeze 3 OTHER SITES


The ebook Gentle Breeze Over Sapphire Seas by Jennifer A. Fifield is a collection of poems, inspired by California’s ocean and natural beauty… and a peaceful and breezy read – for readers of all kinds!

An excerpt from the poem, Bird Rock San Diego, from Gentle Breeze Over Sapphire Seas:

…Peaceful stones
upon cool, fresh beach
rushing to and fro
below my reach
They push to the ocean
the sea’s salty gravel
massaging my spirit
leaving less to unravel…

Book cover design by Melody Simmons from eBookindiecovers.

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