Current Projects

20080204-img_0782THE HILLS GO UP AND DOWN

The novel, THE HILLS GO UP AND DOWN, is the story of Ariel Anderson, a young woman trying to piece her life back together after a divorce. What starts out as an optimistic reinvention, turns into an unimaginable mess. Trapped in a cycle of denial and frustration, Ariel struggles financially, professionally, and emotionally with the help of $2.99 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Most readers will be able to relate to Ariel, since we have all experienced hard times. Those who have been down and out will be able to empathize with the tricks she uses for finding money, and making it last. Although drained and weary, Ariel constantly tries to dig herself out of trouble… but will her solution in the end finally work?

THE HILLS GO UP AND DOWN can be categorized as commercial women’s fiction, with a gritty, edgy feel. Jennifer is currently submitting the manuscript to agents and editors.



Jennifer has written the children’s picture book PARKER’S FLOATING HOUSE ADVENTURE and is currently marketing the idea to agents and editors.

The book tells the story of a family that moves onto a floating house in Seattle, and of Parker, who is nervous when his parents tell him about their new house and upcoming move. PARKER’S FLOATING HOUSE ADVENTURE has excellent potential for illustration, by an artist familiar with Seattle and the floating house lifestyle.


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