calm reflection 

Jacaranda tree of purple flowerah, I remember!
annual May gray, June gloom
a calm reflection
new lavender blossoms rest
against faded, silver skies


Written by Jennifer A. Fifield

Photo from LuqueStock

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September 2018 Haibun, Santa Cruz

IMG_4125I recently spent time at a mindfulness retreat in the Santa Cruz, California redwoods. I re-read Narrow Road to the Interior by Matsuo Basho on the plane ride there, as inspiration for the following short haibun:

traveling solo
offers strength, restoration,
silence, bravery

It smells like I’m camping, with the smoky fire pits and fragrant trees. It brings fall into my heart, even though there still may be one final warm spell when I return home.

two seasons collide
a smoky, warm fireplace, and
sweet honeysuckle

By 11:00 am, I had completed a yoga class, a Qigong class, and a nature hike. I felt alive, alert, and loose.

shoulders fall, loosen
retreating from daily life
mind and body heal

qigong’s fire, earth, wood
body lengthened, awakened
metal and water

After a lovely three-hour reading session, I retreated for the evening to then hear an abundance of crickets – the most I had heard in some time. I walked to the balcony and recorded their music on my phone. Maybe I’ll use it to lull me to sleep upon my return.

bright and crackling fires
crickets repeat their welcome
erase warm summer

I need to remember to cook with a variety of ingredients. The food is local and organic and so very creative. I felt healthy and peaceful sitting outside enjoying breakfast.

rays peer through redwoods
birds sing good morning wishes
beneath verdant gold


Writing and image by Jennifer Fifield

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01: discoveries on a walk

img_2174I’ve always meant to read the plaque that rests on the corner of Camino de la Costa in La Jolla (California). I finally stopped recently and discovered it had been the home of Raymond Chandler, the British-American novelist and screenwriter. What discoveries one can make while on a walk!

“To say goodbye is to die a little.” – Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye

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(B) Beat Poetry

In the early 1950s, beat poetry took over San Francisco, California and was led by poets such as Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, and Jack Kerouac. Beat poetry was typically fast-paced, free verse, and jazz-like and questioned issues in society. Lawrence Ferlinghetti founded the legendary San Francisco bookstore City Lights, once a gathering place for beat poets. Here is the poem People Getting Divorced by Lawrence Ferlinghetti:

People getting divorced 
          riding around with their clothes in the car   
   and wondering what happened 
                      to everyone and everything   
                         including their other 
                                                pair of shoes 
         And if you spy one 
             then who knows what happened 
                                             to the other 
                                           with tongue alack   
   and years later not even knowing 
                               if the other ever 
                                        found a mate 
                                  without splitting the seams   
                                     or remained intact 
    and the sole 
                     ah the soul 
                                     a curious conception   
         hanging on somehow 
                                     to walk again 
                                                   in the free air   
                            once the heel 
                                                 has been replaced


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desert drive

photo-1429308755210-25a272addeb3seems as though the tires should melt
atop the inky runway, as she runs away
another summertime desert drive

dashboard temperature screamed one-eleven
in Yuma, but now reads ninety-nine
as the sun begins to say goodnight

cracks of angry light, ignite her way
hundreds of miles, calming inflamed knots
that have infiltrated the body

this emptied desert, empties her mind
allowing thoughts to slow and ease
as she flies through Spanish radio static

crystal bulbs wink and guide her
she follows the familiar star patterns
that help to scatter her life’s patterns


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Unsplash

Gila Bend

books and breezes

Central Arizona DesertThe deep greys
bring about a tremble
an intense seriousness
bleak storm resembled

Drawn from graphite
varying shades
all life, all color
progressively fades

Ebony peaks, raven valleys
cut of deep charcoal
the intense feelings
take over the soul

Scattered remnants
stratus they stray
eerie messages
the patterns convey

An absence of light
black to dark
thin mesquite branches
against landscape stark

Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Bing Images

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