Tell me another, he says

bigstock-Vintage-Floral-Background-With-45011089a summer day on the patio:
my young knees dig
into the cushion of the chair;
bees scurry about in the flowers;
sweet lemonade sweats atop the table;
you ask me to make up another story;
but this time, to talk into the mic


Written by Jennifer A. Fifield
Image by Bigstock

the view, the feel, the moment

photo-1445964047600-cdbdb873673d“I’ve been here,” I whispered.

“You’ve been here? When?” he asked.

“In my dreams. I’ve been dreaming of this place for years. I never knew where or what it was,” I said.

I slowly absorbed each detail. How surreal to be somewhere for the first time, and the fiftieth time. The view, the feel, the moment – they were all the same as every dream I had ever had. And it was him, this wonderful person standing next to me, who had brought me.

Au Revoir: A Tiny Fiction Series

Written by Jennifer Fifield

Image from Unsplash


Old Typewriter With Books Retro Colors On The DeskShe backed out of the front door of her apartment with her puffy purple suitcase in tow and saw him for the first time in months.

“Where are you headed?” he asked.

“To Hay-on-Wye in Wales for a couple months. I want to be inspired by all of the books,” she replied.


Au Revoir: A Tiny Fiction Series by Jennifer Fifield

Image: Bigstock

as a ghost

moon google images copyLast night,
I watched
as you touched her face
in the same way
you had once touched mine

you looked at her
with the same affection,
the same genuineness,
the same attentiveness
as you had once looked at me

you brushed past me,
as a ghost,
as if I had never
been there
at all

you had moved on
from us both,
it was something,
I needed to see
even if it was
only in my dreams


By Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Unsplash

are you dreaming too

photo-1427501482951-3da9b725be23We were looking
for one another
’twas a feeling
of completion;
of contentment

A sense that radiated
through the night
while dreaming
and all shining day
as your warmth lingered
in my memory

My eyes
wide open, now
looking; waiting
for you,
stranger of my dreams,
this true love


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Unsplash