Galway Girl

thumb_img_1724_1024-copy-croppedPub-hopping in Temple Bar was amazing, and just as I imagined it would be. Drinking pints of beer, listening to the music I have heard all these years – but on this occasion, actually in Dublin! A couple of the bands performed the song “Galway Girl,” which I fell in love with.

familiar fiddle
voices and sounds come to life
music fills a tourist’s heart

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield


Dazzling Dublin

8-thumb_img_1736_1024-croppedThe lights seemed extraordinarily alive as we walked along the cobblestone streets at night in Dublin. I don’t know if the lights were really that dazzling, or if my excitement and passion for Dublin made the city pop.

electric colors
awaken a quiet mind
must drink it all in

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield