Elegant Reminder

thumb_img_0021_1024-copyAs we wandered London’s streets the first day, we came upon Big Ben. We had been so busy looking at street signs, and hadn’t noticed we were that close! It was a great reminder to be mindful of all that is around, at all times – and to travel and explore as much as possible.

they wish us welcome
an elegant reminder
chimes call for travel

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield

Just Lovely

thumb_img_1228_1024Do all Americans fall for a British accent? I would imagine the answer is “absolutely yes.” Before I left for the UK, I told family and friends that, really, all I wanted to do on vacation was sit in pubs and listen to Londoners talk. We were eager to chat with everyone we met, and learn more about the city and British life. And eavesdropping was just lovely!

kinder gentlemen
a tongue to never tire of
king-like and lovely

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield

Bath, England

thumb_img_1948_1024We stayed in London two nights in a row, but otherwise never spent the night in the same city twice. We wanted to see a lot of the UK, and that meant moving from place to place fairly quickly, and I wouldn’t change that. But during afternoon tea in Bath, we sank into our chairs and truly relaxed. We mindfully experienced the history and beauty of our surroundings.

steeped English breakfast
though warm, an afternoon tea
cools, calms busy minds

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield

Celtic Fantasy

thumb_img_1514_1024I find Irish stories to be uniquely captivating. I was fascinated by tales of faeries while in Ireland, such as in the writings of W.B. Yeats. This fascination has continued.

ancient fields of green
stories of a faery-land
celtic fantasy

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield