Tell me another, he says

bigstock-Vintage-Floral-Background-With-45011089a summer day on the patio:
my young knees dig
into the cushion of the chair;
bees scurry about in the flowers;
sweet lemonade sweats atop the table;
you ask me to make up another story;
but this time, to talk into the mic


Written by Jennifer A. Fifield
Image by Bigstock


above all


when the day exudes warmth
a desert-like heat
I am reminded of your kindness,
your patience, and your strength
above all, though, I am reminded
of your talent for keeping things cool

Happy Father’s Day, Pops

By Jennifer A. Fifield, aka “Cutie Bug”

Image from Unsplash

Father’s Day Tribute

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father’s day cards

Dad Mom copyif a good cry is
and holding back tears
has made me

need only look where they
father’s day cards
and I will

the lovely verse on
words of appreciation,
old memories of

when seen in the store
do allow me some time,
a little

for I want to buy them
for you were the
greatest father,
after all


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Photo by Jennifer Fifield