Tell me another, he says

bigstock-Vintage-Floral-Background-With-45011089a summer day on the patio:
my young knees dig
into the cushion of the chair;
bees scurry about in the flowers;
sweet lemonade sweats atop the table;
you ask me to make up another story;
but this time, to talk into the mic


Written by Jennifer A. Fifield
Image by Bigstock


above all


when the day exudes warmth
a desert-like heat
I am reminded of your kindness,
your patience, and your strength
above all, though, I am reminded
of your talent for keeping things cool

Happy Father’s Day, Pops

By Jennifer A. Fifield, aka “Cutie Bug”

Image from Unsplash

To My Father on His Birthday

Amidst the days of pleasant mirth,
That throw their halo round our earth;
Amidst the tender thoughts that rise
To call bright tears to happy eyes;
Amidst the silken words that move
To syllable the names we love;
There glides no day of gentle bliss
More soothing to the heart than this!
No thoughts of fondness e’er appear
More fond, than those I write of here!
No name can e’er on tablet shine,
My father! more beloved than thine!
‘Tis sweet, adown the shady past,
A lingering look of love to cast—
Back th’ enchanted world to call,
That beamed around us first of all;
And walk with Memory fondly o’er
The paths where Hope had been before—
Sweet to receive the sylphic sound
That breathes in tenderness around,
Repeating to the listening ear
The names that made our childhood dear—
For parted Joy, like Echo, kind,
Will leave her dulcet voice behind,
To tell, amidst the magic air,
How oft she smiled and lingered there.


To My Father on His Birthday

Poem written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

In loving memory, Craig Stewart Fifield, 11/20/1949 – 4/14/2013

Father’s Day Tribute

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the writing life

1454-edited copyYour life and sign
represent evolution
never ending strength
and strong motivation

Yes or no
for that was certain
hard working always
and a great deal of passion

Mountain rivers to streams
flow to the sea
always bringing out
the best in me

Tenacious and determined
doing all that you can
today I remember
a very good man

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They have changed us. They have
taken time away. They have made
me sad, time and time again. They
have made me hateful.

A walk down the aisle. A trip to
my new home. A grandfather for
my children. A walk around the
block. A phone call with good news.

Your candles on your next birthday
cake. Your game of catch in the
backyard with your grandson. Your
favorite foods. Your well-deserved

They have caused worry about each
new breath. They have changed us.


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: In Life Photography