flushed hibiscus

michael-rogers-1066673-unsplashBeneath soft yellow,
hazel meets flushed hibiscus,
eyes and petals roused


Written by Jennifer A. Fifield
Photo by Michael Rogers on Unsplash

38: ipomoea purpurea

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAshades of periwinkle
September’s story
at dusk they wrinkle
simple morning glory

fresh autumn wind
a breeze which lightens
summer rescinds
mornings they brighten

affection blooms, and
love wakes early
before day’s end
their petals close curly


written by Jennifer Fifield
image from Google/Wikimedia
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zinnias in abundance

orange mum

my flowers for you
this day
began two years ago
this day

an april medley, of
un-merry marigolds, and
browning leaves
of grief; and of mourning

dewy sprinkles upon amaryllis
and, upon pretty primrose
released tears of great pride,
memories, yellow, of youth

an undone story, ‘twas
quite difficult, cruel
nature’s nocturnal nettle,
paired with apologetic peony

the sweet fragrance, of
a new bouquet – none
zinnias in abundance,
for your absence is mourned

the feelings arranged, for you
this day:
michaelmas daisies, and
much rosemary
a melancholy farewell, and
undying remembrance.

Jennifer A. Fifield

In Loving Memory, Craig Stewart Fifield 11/20/49 – 4/14/13

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