Cliffs of Moher

thumb_img_1651_1024The Cliffs of Moher were truly breathtaking. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was ecstatic that there were different paths to take and views to admire. I couldn’t help but think over and over, “I am so absolutely glad I did this!”

the gleam in your eye
welcomes striking, verdant cliffs
ecstasy ascends

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield


Galway Girl

thumb_img_1724_1024-copy-croppedPub-hopping in Temple Bar was amazing, and just as I imagined it would be. Drinking pints of beer, listening to the music I have heard all these years – but on this occasion, actually in Dublin! A couple of the bands performed the song “Galway Girl,” which I fell in love with.

familiar fiddle
voices and sounds come to life
music fills a tourist’s heart

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield

An Irish Love

14391021_1290626467638466_8154958907714047152_nThe Irish are known for their kind spirit and friendly personalities. I found this to be very true of everyone we met, whether we were in pubs, in taxis, in airports, or while dangling from Blarney Castle.

for where else do men
refer to women as “love”
-only Ireland

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield

Celtic Fantasy

thumb_img_1514_1024I find Irish stories to be uniquely captivating. I was fascinated by tales of faeries while in Ireland, such as in the writings of W.B. Yeats. This fascination has continued.

ancient fields of green
stories of a faery-land
celtic fantasy

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield

Dazzling Dublin

8-thumb_img_1736_1024-croppedThe lights seemed extraordinarily alive as we walked along the cobblestone streets at night in Dublin. I don’t know if the lights were really that dazzling, or if my excitement and passion for Dublin made the city pop.

electric colors
awaken a quiet mind
must drink it all in

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield

September Haibun

I traveled to England, Wales, and Ireland during the month of September. I have not been traveling as much as I like, and it truly inspired me to continue seeing more of the world.

I fed myself books and documentaries on anything British, Welsh, or Irish before I left. But I also read Narrow Road to the Interior by the haiku poet, Matsuo Basho. In this book, Basho describes his travels throughout Japan.

Basho’s travel diary – or haibun – combines prose and haiku, which inspired me to write during, as well as after, my trip. I will be posting this writing beginning November 1st.

Cheers! – Jennifer