Gentle Breeze Over Sapphire Seas: A Poetry Collection

A Gentle Breeze 3 OTHER SITESTake a look at my collection of poems, Gentle Breeze Over Sapphire Seas, on Amazon. This poetry collection, inspired by California’s ocean and natural beauty, is a peaceful and breezy read – for readers of all kinds!

The e-book, Gentle Breeze Over Sapphire Seas, by Jennifer A. Fifield can be purchased on for Kindle and is available now.



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life’s pleasant beauty

monarch butterfly bing imagesforever changing
a thoughtful solidity
the monarch’s being

warm sun penetrates
awakens wings of color
renewing in time

vibrantly unique
brilliant mosaic daydream
fire and earth ’tis stark

butterfly’s journey
phases of time – far and wide
life’s pleasant beauty


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Bing images