Gentle Breeze Over Sapphire Seas: A Poetry Collection

A Gentle Breeze 3 OTHER SITESTake a look at my collection of poems, Gentle Breeze Over Sapphire Seas, on Amazon. This poetry collection, inspired by California’s ocean and natural beauty, is a peaceful and breezy read – for readers of all kinds!

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Peace of the Ocean

photo-1Beaming flashes of Pacific sea
inhalations are my therapy
waves roll in as elegant stacks
rest my eyes and relax
silver glitter dances for me

The ocean, my grounding place
brings delight to my face
glassy shards of peace
gone are the bad, exhale and release
my own bench, my own space

My dreams so near
as close as the old pier
finding my inner calm
the crystal water is as a palm
my definition more clear

Stones push forward strong
the ocean to me is a melodic song
oh this I’ve come to see
reflect in its eternal beauty
to know where I belong


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: photo by Jennifer Fifield

Strong Tree of Mesquite

Velvet_mesquiteI take a seat
in the Arizona heat
look up high
at the branches awry
movements so discreet

Limbs narrow
twigs in a perfect row
air so dry
beauty you cannot deny
unlike any tree you’ll ever know

Unaccompanied in the desert
no weakness to flirt
beautifully bent
solid and tolerant
cactus and flowers to assert


Jennifer A. Fifield

Photo: Wikimedia Commons