19: honeysuckle perfume

is it possible
that each year’s honeysuckle
smells sweeter than last

by Jennifer Fifield

Full Blog Series: The Joyful Path


17: winter to spring

winter came and went
barely time for knitted hats
or warm patterned scarves
young springtime flower motifs
now align the walking path

by Jennifer Fifield

Full Blog Series: The Joyful Path



IMG_5860feathers gray, feathers white
wailing under golden sunlight

along the coasts, you have flown
oceans and skies of deep cerulean

this California gull, a larus californicus
bird of the sea, floating high above us

traveling far, or residing quite near
an ocean beneath, your destiny clear


By Jennifer A. Fifield

Image by SB


photo-1414637104192-f9ab9a0ee249an unexpected,
morning rain

sipping strong coffee
in bed
sleepy, lazy, lovely

flawless clouds of gray
make it dim,
a tiny yellow lamp
lets me see the world

flipping classic pages,
nowhere to be

splashes of moisture
beneath the tires
of cars going by,
ease the busyness

water funneling
through the drain
outside the window,
eases the craziness

the smell of fall
wind not warm
nor cool,
eases the weariness

an unexpected
morning rain
calms the mind


By Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Unsplash