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Always Remember OTHER SITESDedicated to my pops, the epistolary story Always Remember is a collection of thoughts, letters and poems written after his sudden passing in 2013.

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Devastated by the sudden loss of her dad, Jennifer begins writing letters to him as a way of keeping track of the things she still wants to say. Over time, her 70+ letters serve as a way to help her heal. She just wasn’t ready for the conversations to end.


Love Will Always Be

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Nov 10One, five, ten, forty
the years flew by
she said with envy

An eternity
could not be enough
for can’t you see

He was my love
my entire life
a radiance from above

That love will always be,
and will never escape,

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They have changed us. They have
taken time away. They have made
me sad, time and time again. They
have made me hateful.

A walk down the aisle. A trip to
my new home. A grandfather for
my children. A walk around the
block. A phone call with good news.

Your candles on your next birthday
cake. Your game of catch in the
backyard with your grandson. Your
favorite foods. Your well-deserved

They have caused worry about each
new breath. They have changed us.


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: In Life Photography