34/108: pranayama

Yoga, double exposurepranayama: an element of yoga that involves awareness of the breath and managing the way in which one breathes.

“Or that calm is retained by the controlled exhalation or retention of the breath” — Patanjali (Who Was Patanjali, Yoga Journal)

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Italicized quote from Patanjali
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cool sweetness of morning

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passersby walk or jog, their
wide, honest grins welcome
the day, and each other

only smiles exist, in the cool sweetness
of morning – our souls not yet corrupted,
by the chaos of a full day

By Jennifer Fifield
Image by Unsplash

The Joyful Path

cropped-img_0127.jpgNew Year’s Day, I had the idea to begin a blog series, The Joyful Path, that would serve as a meditative, peaceful space – featuring some of life’s simple and lovely things. It made me quite happy to know I would be embarking on such a positive project. And… maybe my followers would enjoy it as well. Whether it’s a gorgeous flower, a child’s silly smile, or the unique orange shade of a sunset, I plan to complete 108 posts this year that feature photography, poetry, or quotes. Wishing you peace this new year! — Jennifer ♥

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cozy permanence

cozy study twoa bungalow of bougainvillea
a warm cup of coffee
with plenty of sugar

a circular table
by the front window
a bowl full of every flower

some good hard bread
some great soft cheese
from the shop around the corner

a nook to look out
and snuggle with a hardcover
in perfect rainy weather

writer’s block
or crafty inspiration
by the fireplace, crackling, with a sweater

to work as I wish
oh, happily ever after
nothing, really, could be better


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Bing Free Clip Art

white clouds of dust

clouds_over_the_sea-1680x1050a walk to the ocean
I look to the waves
then gaze above
streaks of opal clouds
I find

pillows of chalk dust
a board and eraser of such
wiping clear and anew
the ocean meditation
eases my mind

the worries, the thoughts
now white clouds of dust
gone away
the peace overcomes
all unkind, behind


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Bing Free Clip Art