world of romance

heart of the book's pagesMy dear
lover of books,
I see a
world of romance
in you. There is much
to learn, in those
stark eyes
and aiding gaze.
are my
love story, awaiting
our climactic beginning.
I will
wait for you,
my dear
lover of books.

By Jennifer A. Fifield
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when taking a lover

a blood warmth connection
countless desires to uncover
undying, true passion

a need for oneness and affection
to be considered, when taking a lover
a blood warmth connection

devoid of mental attraction
her body something to discover
undying, true passion

in the skin, in the blood, obsession
must do more than simply love her
a blood warmth connection

fiery desire for ascension
her ecstasy unfolds while above her
undying, true passion

parts inside quiver into completion
the peace that comes from fucking her
a blood warmth connection
undying, true passion

This poem was inspired by the novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence, hence the necessary use of the word fuck 🙂

Poem by Jennifer A. Fifield

reunited in dreams

Full_Moonhave the two met
or are he and she
distantly awaiting
an inevitable introduction
intense familiarity
but also, so new
maybe a combination,
of a favorite few

contented is thee
exuding fine romance
his face that loves
her body that trembles
their shared embrace
devotedness it seems
these occasional visits
are only in her dreams


Jennifer A. Fifield

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