sauna nights

my apartment:
a rice cooker
-and I’m the rice-
this week.

the wet heat,
-nothing like the east coast-
but still,
pretty bad.

if you don’t have a/c
and you have to drink
chilly white wine
-like sauvignon blanc-
to pass out,
-I mean fall asleep-
at night,

since there’s no way
you’ll drift off
in a room
that’s so steamy,
of sleepy-dreamy.


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Unsplash

Sail Bay

Boatsat morning,
charming dreams mesmerize
hope, bound as a spell
pleasant balance upon sunrise

at midday,
telling thy fortune of years ago
senses of hyper-influence
however the thoughts may flow

at sunset,
overlooking pebbled Sail Bay
of a homely corner, of serenity
many an enchanted day

at midnight,
whispering promises of new
feel them, touch them, taste them
dreams sweep over and through

Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Bigstockphoto

cotton spring blossoms

google images dogwood treelooks though spring has come
‘tis often difficult to see
as the seasons they hide
in this desert by the sea

this Spanish park
of one hundred years
will speak history to all
but not everyone hears

sweet white petals
pop from the trees
cotton spring blossoms
sway delicately in the breeze


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Google Images

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Bird Rock

Stones BalancePeaceful stones
upon cool, fresh beach
rushing to and fro
below my reach

This repetitive sound
I return to find
dark agate pebbles
dreams in my mind

Delicate, though rough
unique bird’s rock
rustling atop the sand
beneath seagulls of flock

They push to the ocean
the sea’s salty gravel
massaging my spirit
leaving less to unravel


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Bigstockphoto

Mt. Soledad Veteran’s Memorial

stock footage gray storm cloudsUp the winding, steep path
through hazy La Jolla clouds
thousands of men and women
look over a city of canyons
upon royal, pearl waves
their service commemorated
their sacrifice remembered

You would have liked it here
you would have read the plaques
you would have told me a story
of your Dad
or about Vietnam
or about the Army

You would have remembered
long lost friends
and told me their names
you would have concentrated
and read the times and places
and I would have watched your face

I wish I had brought you here


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Google Images