Gentle Breeze Over Sapphire Seas: A Poetry Collection

A Gentle Breeze 3 OTHER SITESTake a look at my collection of poems, Gentle Breeze Over Sapphire Seas, on Amazon. This poetry collection, inspired by California’s ocean and natural beauty, is a peaceful and breezy read – for readers of all kinds!

The e-book, Gentle Breeze Over Sapphire Seas, by Jennifer A. Fifield can be purchased on for Kindle and is available now.



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Jennifer’s Jewel Juried

What a great day! Rancho San Diego Branch Library awarded my poem, Sea Stones, first place in their 2014 Poetry Contest. Winners read their poems at today’s Awards Ceremony.

Sea Stones
By Jennifer A. Fifield

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This Illinois heart
born in the fields of tall grass
belonged to the sea

Fine poem written
at the green age of seven
of ocean, unseen

An unfounded calm
September meditation
wet toes in pearl sand

Sparkling diamonds sway
peaceful sapphire greets opal
chalcedony gleams

The sun swiftly falls
citrine and topaz evolve
to light and dark rose

Moonstone light shines high
hazel eyes gaze to the stars
the sea coolly sings

Speaking trancedly
a lulling goodnight whisper
its welcome to thee


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