Celtic Fantasy

thumb_img_1514_1024I find Irish stories to be uniquely captivating. I was fascinated by tales of faeries while in Ireland, such as in the writings of W.B. Yeats. This fascination has continued.

ancient fields of green
stories of a faery-land
celtic fantasy

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield


Dazzling Dublin

8-thumb_img_1736_1024-croppedThe lights seemed extraordinarily alive as we walked along the cobblestone streets at night in Dublin. I don’t know if the lights were really that dazzling, or if my excitement and passion for Dublin made the city pop.

electric colors
awaken a quiet mind
must drink it all in

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield

September Haibun

I traveled to England, Wales, and Ireland during the month of September. I have not been traveling as much as I like, and it truly inspired me to continue seeing more of the world.

I fed myself books and documentaries on anything British, Welsh, or Irish before I left. But I also read Narrow Road to the Interior by the haiku poet, Matsuo Basho. In this book, Basho describes his travels throughout Japan.

Basho’s travel diary – or haibun – combines prose and haiku, which inspired me to write during, as well as after, my trip. I will be posting this writing beginning November 1st.

Cheers! – Jennifer