simplicity rewind

Stones Balance’tis difficult,
quite opaque
the lack of balance,
the years can make

out of sorts,
left behind
so young, yet old
simplicity rewind

late adapter
’tis not defeat
an appreciation of the versed
an untroubled retreat

a call for gradual
much loved harmony
in the times of old
sweet, slow memories


Jennifer A. Fifield



peace free binga lot, fast
is what was wanted
but not
any more

big city
big job
lots of money
and more

she surrenders
she has chosen
not to race
any more

there is not a top
just more,

race, quick, hurry
you have somewhere to be
she cannot race
any more

honk and yell
you are not patient
must go fast
you want too much more

sad or angry
people often seem
she needs to see smiles
on faces more

no longer desired
peace of mind
she would like more

smaller town
slower life
must retreat
she wants so much more


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Bing Free Clip Art

precious jewel

shimmering ocean imageshimmering diamonds
are all I need
the sparkling ocean
is enough indeed

brings great peace
a feeling of content
it’s taken awhile to sea
this is what’s meant

the waves, the sounds
bring me back down
continue much higher
the weight may drown

this precious jewel
is all I desire
crystalline beauty
divine place of retire


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Bing Free Clip Art

a glimpse

Sun SandI sometimes catch a glimpse
of the life
that seems right

the salt and sun
sting my face
till the sunset light

I look to the sky
and take a sip
there is nowhere to be

no worries at all
just sit and relax
and live carefree

my shoulders drop
my thoughts,
they loosen

would it be the same,
every day
not just ‘every so often’

my tousled hair
blows in the wind
and I look to the pier

where have you been
my smile is back
I have found it again, here

breathe in
and breathe out
with such great ease

live this life forever?

Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Bing Free Clip Art