how you fall

photo-1424746219973-8fe3bd07d8e3would you choose to know
take a different way
select varying paths
to help time stay

make clean decisions
know how you leave
count down the days
have a lifetime to grieve

understand that your dreams
could mean nothing at all
no life to devour
for you know how you fall

become intimate with reality
catch a glimpse of fate
avoid blissful ignorance
live life –but always wait

concede there is an end
to this, this, this!
all that it has been
and all that you’ll miss


By Jennifer A. Fifield
Image from Unsplash


Forever devoted

photo-1433208406127-d9e1a0a1f1aaDo as you please,
I will love you unconditionally

Try and break my heart,
you will do so unsuccessfully

Give your heart to others,
and you will not lose thee

I will always forgive you,
forever devoted, I will be

However far you stray,
you can always come back to me

Please walk all over me,
for I love you so completely


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Unsplash