Dunguaire Castle

thumb_img_1678_1024While in Kinvara, Ireland, we partook in a banquet dinner at Dunguaire Castle. In addition to dinner and many goblets of wine, the staff presented skits, stories, and poetry. As I watched the Irish tales and listened to the verse of Yeats, I promised myself to remember how unique of an evening it was.

Irish tales and rhymes
warm this castle and the soul
-or is it the wine?

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield

Celtic Fantasy

thumb_img_1514_1024I find Irish stories to be uniquely captivating. I was fascinated by tales of faeries while in Ireland, such as in the writings of W.B. Yeats. This fascination has continued.

ancient fields of green
stories of a faery-land
celtic fantasy

Writing/image by Jennifer Fifield