pleasant whispers


could refreshing gales
whisk away a summer day
with pleasant whispers?


written by Jennifer A. Fifield
image from Unsplash

sauna nights

my apartment:
a rice cooker
-and I’m the rice-
this week.

the wet heat,
-nothing like the east coast-
but still,
pretty bad.

if you don’t have a/c
and you have to drink
chilly white wine
-like sauvignon blanc-
to pass out,
-I mean fall asleep-
at night,

since there’s no way
you’ll drift off
in a room
that’s so steamy,
of sleepy-dreamy.


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Unsplash

cotton spring blossoms

google images dogwood treelooks though spring has come
‘tis often difficult to see
as the seasons they hide
in this desert by the sea

this Spanish park
of one hundred years
will speak history to all
but not everyone hears

sweet white petals
pop from the trees
cotton spring blossoms
sway delicately in the breeze


Jennifer A. Fifield

Image: Google Images

joyfully steeped

My daydreams of rain came to fruition last night. We were (slightly) cooled by a sudden rainstorm. I am re-blogging my poem “Joyfully Steeped” to celebrate.

books and breezes

rain puddle bing freecurious rumble
evolution to steel gray
abrupt weather change

clouds upon ocean
rapid, vapory, sullen
cumulus shatter

rain drops pummel droughty earth
torrential down pour

refreshingly quick
joyfully steeped in rain tea
nature and souls quenched

Image: Bing Images

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