The Joyful Path

cropped-img_0127.jpgThe Joyful Path blog series will serve as a meditative, peaceful space – featuring some of life’s simple and lovely things. Whether it’s a gorgeous flower or a child’s silly smile, 108 photography, quote, or poetry posts will be added throughout 2017.  ♥

The idea to begin this blog series came to me on New Year’s Day. It made me quite happy to know I would be embarking on such a positive project. And… maybe my followers would find peace in it as well. Wishing you peace and love this new year! — Jennifer

01/108: discoveries on a walk
02/108: hazy days
03/108: climbing
04/108: descending
05/108: unseasonable days
06/108: a book escape
07/108: courageous leaders 
08/108: opportunity

09/108: mindfulness
10/108: words on paper
11/108: paper journals
12/108: no alarm clock
13/108: thunderous laughter
14/108: love sonnets
15:108: pleasant returns 
16/108: mighty rainfall 
17/108: winter to spring
18/108: spring’s first day 

19/108: honeysuckle perfume
20/108: determination 

21/108: haiku
22/108: wispy fronds
23/108: sandy toes

24/108: salt water
25/108: patient understanding
26/108: a day of clouds
27/108: balance
28/108: adventures
29/108: classics
30/108: the month of june, and pablo neruda
31/108: spring to summer
32/108: small joys
33/108: busylessness
34/108: pranayama
35/108: ambitions, dreams, hopes… and Charles Bukowski
36/108: writing a poem, and Robert Frost
37/108: memories
38/108: ipomoea purpurea
39/108: summer to fall